Exfoliants & Masks

Exfoliator gently rids the complexion of dead skin cells which can build up on skin. Masks help to thoroughly cleanse and condition you skin, leaving it revitalised and silky smooth. Use after exfoliating.

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Spa Universe Power Brush Set
Experience cleaner, softer, and younger-looking skin every day with... more
$100.00 $86.00
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Clay and Herbal Cleansing Mask
This creamy mask is enriched with a cocktail of Fruit and Plant Ext... more
$60.00 $49.90
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EXPERIENCE DE'LAGE Triple Action Gel-Cream Mask -Wrinkles Firmness
A 10 minute anti-aging mask with corrective action on wrinkles, fir... more
$90.00 $63.80
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Harmonie Calm Comfort Milky Gel-Cream Mask
An intense trea™ent with a fresh, soft texture soaked with mo... more
$90.00 $49.50
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Hydra Floral Moisturizing Mask
This light creamy mask helps to freshen, soften and replenish the s... more
$80.00 $54.90
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PHYTOPEEL - Natural Exfoliating Cream
A soft cream formula which exfoliates and smoothes the epidermis. I... more
$80.00 $58.80
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PURETE Exfoliant Micro Smoothing Cream
Rich in natural Jojoba and Coconut micro-particles, this smooth cre... more
$80.00 $49.20
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